Janakota: Food and Drink

d10 mushroom teas, d8x8 meal generator, and d4 desserts.

Guests are welcomed into the home with an offer of drink; generally some variety of mushroom tea. At mealtimes Janakotans sit cross-legged around low tables upon which communal platters of food are set. Large banana leaves are held in the left hand to be used as plates and food is consumed using the right hand. The youngest in the group help themselves to the platters first, guests before hosts.

d10 Mushroom Teas
1 Agunaraka – ginger flavor, mild rotten aroma
2 Angulata – herby flavor, similar aroma
3 Aranyamaya – sour flavor, sharp and citric aroma
4 Bhangural – sherbet flavor, sweet white wine aroma
5 Chayatupi – very bitter flavor, licorice root aroma
6 Khamjana – overpowering sweet flavor, elderflower aroma
7 Ksura – faint lime flavor, citric aroma
8 Momadhanu – sweet and sticky flavor, fruity aroma
9 Petabarna – sweet tomato flavor, similar sharp aroma
10 Sapala – umami flavor, oxtail stew aroma
d8 Rice with… …and…
1 Steamed spinach Ginger-mustard sauce
2 Cubed potatoes Mustard seed paste
3 Cubed pumpkins Tamarind
4 Dried crocodile Papaya
5 Dried marlin Pomelo
6 Fried barracuda Petabarna mushroom
7 Fried hogfish Aranyamaya mushroom
8 Fried seasnake Ksura mushroom
d4 Desserts
1 Mishti Doi – yogurt sweetened with charred sugar
2 Rasgulla – cottage cheese dumplings cooked in sugar syrup
3 Darbesh – sphere of flour, ghee, sugar and cardamom
4 Pitha – pan fried sweet made rich with milk and molasses

I’m posting this as part of GLoGtober 2020 – day 6, food. I’m not gonna do… most of the days, but, maybe a few.

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