The Raven

A GLOG class limited to a single HP - better make it count.

I wanted this class to force the player to act as a bird might, and as such the Raven is extremely fragile – always on death’s door. To survive even a single session a player will have to play carefully, flying away at the slightest hint of danger and returning at the opportune moment. Survival is rewarded with some potent abilities, but nevertheless – you’ll probably die in a stupid manner at a random time. Maybe birds shouldn’t be adventurers?

Class: Raven

You are a raven, with all that entails. You have 1 hp and cannot increase it through leveling, though you can only be hit by criticals. You can attack with your beak and talons dealing 1d6 damage. You can fly as fast as a human runs. You can carry 1, maybe 2 very small items.

Template A


You’ve learned to mimic human speech perfectly and communicate as one of them in a single language of your choice. You can choose to mimic the voice of any human you’re familiar with. Additionally, you never forget a human face.


Your movements are sudden and unpredictable. You’re very hard to strike – only critical hits deal damage against you.


Your beak and talons excel at removing eyes and other delicate features. Instead of making an attack you may attempt to maim an enemy, with [templates]-in-6 odds of success. On a success the enemy loses:

1d6 Facial Feature
1-2 an eye
3 the tongue
4-5 an ear
6 the nose

Template B


You have bonded with one of your companions. You can always locate your Bond, but you may never stray further than a mile from them. If you attack an enemy, your Bond gains a single free attack against that enemy. If your Bond dies, you must Save or die.


You have a [templates]-in-6 chance of stealing any shiny item you can actually lift.

Template C

Your graceful movement and sleek feathers work to your advantage. In darkness you are as difficult to spot as if you were invisible.

Template D

Actual Magic

Pick a legendary spell. You get 4 dice to cast it - but these dice are always exhausted.

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