The Veteran

A fighter past their prime.

The Veteran is intended to be a variation on the Fighter focused on support and hirelings while still being an able combatant. The starting equipment will need to be changed for your setting: the equipment here is for an upcoming game set on Janakota, an island off the coast of Yoon-Suin. Each set of gear here includes an item specific to a polity in Yoon-Suin and is intended to hint at the character’s history. The War Stories and Old Contacts abilities will also give the player and referee many opportunities to discover the character’s past.

Class: Soldier

Starting Equipment

Roll 1d3:

  1. Yellow Legion officer’s sash, leather armor, spear, 3 javelins
  2. Ajmer zealot’s robe (as leather), sword, bow, 20 arrows
  3. Chandrakot guard captain’s helm, leather armor, spear, bow, 20 arrow

A: Mentor, Retaliation B: War Stories, Parry C: Old Contacts D: Fearless Leader

Template A


Gain one Apprentice1 per Veteran template you possess. Apprentices are eager hirelings that will follow you free of charge, provided they receive rations, training, and any other necessities.


Once per round when an enemy within reach attacks an ally, gain a free attack on that enemy.

Template B

War Stories

Once per day entertain one ally with a war story from your soldiering days. They may remove 1d4 Fatigue2 as they are inspired by your story. If the player actually tells a story, they may remove 1d6 Fatigue.


Once per day you can reduce incoming damage by 1d12 points. If you also choose to sunder your shield, you can reduce incoming damage by 12 points.

Template C

Old Contacts

Your life as a soldier left you with numerous friends, enemies, and acquaintances across the region. Once per settlement you visit, you may roll 1d6 to determine if someone here owes you a favor. Odds are set by the Referee, but as a general rule they are 1-in-6 for villages, 2-in-6 for towns, and 3-in-6 for cities.

Template D

Fearless Leader

As long as you are on the battlefield, none of your Apprentices will flee.

  1. Apprentices are stolen from Five Torches Deep, in which any character may obtain a certain number of free hirelings called Hench. ↩︎

  2. Fatigue is accrued through travel in my GLOG hack, and adds a lower bound to every die roll – you must roll equal to or under your ability score, but above your Fatigue. This ability will need to be changed to work with other GLOG hacks. Perhaps regenerate HP or aid in the healing of an injury. Fatigue is stolen from GLOG Rat-Kebab edition by Rise Up Comus. ↩︎

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